Welcome to Kansas City's eclectic enclave of boutique shops, one-of-a-kind restaurants, creative businesses, studios and art galleries. Let the sidewalks be your guide. And go where things take you.

First Fridays

Join us on the first Friday of every month to experience all the sights, sounds and tastes the Crossroads has to offer — with an event that could only happen here.

First Friday Events, August 1, 2014

Gallery at 19 Below (5 W. 19th Street): Open First Friday 5pm – 10pm.  Oil Paintings by Diane Curtis and Mixed Media by Robert J. Schmidt. Curtis, whose work is a compilation of her travel experiences, sometimes works on site, yet more often the experience of a place is drawn then painted in her studio in either an abstract or filtered way to express feelings about that particular place or time. 19Below.tv

2010 Gallery (2010 Main):  Open First Friday 5pm – 10pm. Jim Ryon + Mike Ryon, father and son, team up to present an incredible exhibit of light, color and vibrancy for August First Friday, Ryon Times Two. Water-colorist + acrylic artist Jim Ryon's enthusiasm and hunger for new subject matter have taken him from the cradles of jazz in Kansas City and New Orleans to the streets and cathedrals of Paris, and to the mountain slopes of Colorad . 2010gallerykc.com

Apex Art Space (1819 Wyandotte): Open First Friday 6pm – 9pm. Kyle Van Leeuwen. Subtlety has never been Leeuwen's strong point. He creates work that is vivid, bold and eye-catching. One consistent thread in all of his work is the use of light and reflections. Whether the subject matter is a mannequin, chairs, marbles or a ceramic horse, the lighting is always a key part of the painting. dentistryart.com

Archival Design (2014 Main): Open First Friday 6pm – 10pm. Jake and Julie Bond have created a business based on bringing unique ceramic designs into the lives of their customers.  From a salad bowl to hand carved tiles for an entire kitchen, their work is created using a wide range of original colors and patterns. archivaldesignskc.com

Belger Art Center (2100 Walnut): Open First Friday, 6pm - 9pm. Word Play: Selections from the Collection. Before the 21st Century, "text" was a noun, and often found on artwork. The Belger Collection primarily focuses on American artists active from around 1960 until the present. Within the collection we find artworks that feature text in varying degrees. Word Play takes a look at how artists incorporate words, phrases, or complete sentences into their imagery.belgerartscenter.org

Blue Gallery (118 SW Blvd): Open First Friday, 6pm – 9pm. Amy Abshier-Reyes: Here We Are at the Edge of the World. “Most of my works are painted as a mimicry of traditional portraiture, but are vehicles to another concept entirely. Almost all of them have a very tongue-in-cheek wryness about them as I explore themes ranging from self-image issues to historical oddities to the dissection of fairy tales and popular culture. bluegalleryonline.com

Boveri Realty Group (1819 Wyandotte: Open First Friday, 5pm – 9pm. Boveri Realty is pleased to host painter, photographer, artist Jazzy Chun. Chun received a BFA with an emphasis in painting in 2004, her BA in Art Education in 2006, and a MAT in Multidisciplinary Studies in 2010. She continues her creativity in the form of paintings, photography, and teaching art in one of the local elementary schools. Chun’s to use a color palette is bold and vibrant and her works are abstract and figurative. Light appetizers and, cocktails will be served. theurbanpulse.com

Buttonwood Art Space (3013 Main): Open First Friday until 5pm. Anything Goes - through August 29th, 2014. Variety is the theme in this art exhibition with works of contemporary art from local artists in all media selected by the staff at Buttonwood Art Space. buttonwoodartspace.com

The Gallery at Christ Community (1708 Baltimore): Open First Friday 5pm – 9pm Ruthie Becker: A Whisper So Sweet.  Becker is an accomplished Kansas City-based mixed media artist and sculptor, specializing in paintings, sculptures and assemblage. An early childhood memory of the Villa Borghese, in Rome, Italy, where Becker recalls seeing fields of kaleidoscopic flowers, created a sense of awe in the power of colors and drew out an immense joy and intensity that still carries throughout her work. Also featured, Musical Guest: Bolivian guitarist, Amado Espinoza  ccefc.org

Kathy Barnard Studio/Locust Street Gallery (1605 Locust): Open First Friday from 5pm - 9pm. Kathy Barnard, Master Glass Artist; Genevieve Flynn, Master Metalsmith & Jeweler; and Kitty Sondern Snyder, Custom Dress Designer & Milliner. kathybarnardstudio.com

Kultured Chameleon Street Art Gallery (1739 Oak). First Friday Opening Reception 6pm – 11pm. Write or Die. The Kultured Chameleon Street Art Gallery will host national and internationally known street artists, including pieces by MQ, Skamdust + more. The artists will be accompanied by their best, limited edition works. Also featured, an outdoor stage with concert sound and video for live performances by artists who embody the same raw energy that root the culture of the curators. Guests include sets by Skamdust + Panic. KulturedChameleon.com

Leedy-Voulkos Art Center (2014 Baltimore): Open First Friday 6pm – 9pm. Gallery highlights include: Kim Eichler-Messmer + Kristin Goering: Echoes of Earth & Sky (in Main Gallery until Sept 27); Photographer John Gutowsk: Exits and Entries, photographs from 1979-1999 (Front Gallery until Aug 30); Mark Farris: Brave New World, a print installation (Back Gallery until Sept 27); Charlie Mylie + Lindsey Griffith: OMG Mail (Opie Gallery until Aug 30); and Kristopher Clark: Sum Good, Sum Bad & Sum Ugly (Lower Level Gallery until August 30). leedy-voulkos.com

Mid-America Arts Alliance (2018 Baltimore): Open First Friday 6pm – 8pm. M-AAA's August First Fridays activities feature folk art from one of the cradles of Chinese civilization. Vibrant Bounty: Chinese Folk Art from the Shaanxi Region features peasant paintings that explore Chinese rural life and traditional Shaanxi customs. At 8pm LIVE! in the Crossroads features the Warren Hood Band. Warren Hood, winner of the top fiddler award at the Austin Music Awards for two straight years, creates an Americana sound that's a heady mix of folk, country, rock, and roots. Both events are free and family friendly. maaa.org

MLB Designs & Boutique (2020 Baltimore Ave, Suite #105): Open First Friday 10am – 9pm featuring Nate Bogert’s: Confluence. Bogert’s series highlights his fascination with the intersection of the natural world with man-made places of energy and movement. Bogert holds a BFA in Photography, Printmaking, and Drawing from Northwest Missouri State University. Since graduation, in addition to developing his craft behind the photographic lens, Bogert cultivated a strong presence with his creative video installation. His multimedia work has been produced for fashion, music, corporate, and fundraising events in spaces like Baron Mini Cooper, Power and Light District and Union Station. mlbdesigns.com

Plenum Space Gallery (504 W. 18th St): Open First Friday 6pm – 10pm. Ashley Warner: Curiouser & Curiouser.  As children we are all fascinated with the fantastical and the unreal, Warner has never given up that fascination. In her art, she explore the realm of what some people call the subconscious mind, recording images that fascinate and sometimes haunt her. What comes out is colorful, whimsical and at times a little scary. Warner draws inspiration from dreams, childhood, surreal moments in my waking life and other times from the simple interaction between herself and the canvas. plenumspace.weebly.com

Red Star Studios (2100 Walnut). Open First Friday 6pm – 9pm. View new work by Emily Duke, Lea Griggs, Catie Miller, Jamie Bates Slone and Noah Riedel and Emily Duke, created during their residencies at Belger Crane Yard Studios. From figurative sculptures and functional wares to architectural objects, this exhibition features a variety of concepts and techniques that stem from one source: ceramics. redstarstudios.org.

Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art (2004 Baltimore). Open First Friday 7pm – 9pm. The gallery is pleased to feature Embracing the Golden Hour by Keith Jacobshagen, who by combining intimate reflections with a deep understanding and respect for nature, celebrates landscape in a manner reminiscent of the early Dutch masters. Also featured, Judy Onofrio: Full Circle.  For the past twenty years, Onofrio has told optimistic stories about strong women, lush gardens, and circus through her elaborately embellished figurative sculptures.sherryleedy.com

Studio Above (2016 Baltimore, 2nd Floor). Open First Friday 6pm - 9pm. Enjoy artwork by Ada Koch, Nancy Clay, Jackie Warren and William Rose. jackie4art.com

Todd Weiner Gallery (115 W. 18th St):  Open First Friday 6pm – 10pm. Todd Weiner Gallery presents ALL NUDE, a group show with a focus on a classical subject matter - the nude - with a modern day twist. Using varied mediums, featured artists Peregrine Honig, Jim Sajovic, David Gant, Hugh Merrill, Tom Sciacca, Jim Leedy, Michael Young and more explore the traditional subject matter with a contemporary vision and style. toddweinergallery.com

Vulpes Bastille (1737 Locust): Open First Friday 6pm – 9pm. Jillian Youngbird’s: Six Inches of Progress. Youngbird, a Native American artist born in Arizona but raised in rural Southern Missouri, blends her heritage with modern day realities of American culture in drawings, paintings and sculptures. Youngbird states "The work in this show weaves together my love and worry for nature through Native American iconography and my obsessive need for line-making." vulpesbastille.com

Gallery at Wallace Engineering (1741 McGee): Open First Friday 5pm – 9pm. Featured artist, Christina Muñiz. Recently selected as a 2014-2015 Charlotte Street Foundation's Studio Residency Program recipient, Muñiz earned her associates degree from San Antonio College in Graphic Illustration and her undergraduate degree from the KCAI in 2012. Her art is "a personal script or language that serves as a surrogate for memories, events or words that I have heard in my life. Through that language, repeating marks, color and scale, I push the idea that something can be abstracted and still be narrative." cristinamuniz.com

Weinberger Fine Art (1800 Baltimore):  Open First Friday 5pm-9pm. New York Artist Andy Gershon: New Series Debut. Weinberger Fine Art is pleased to present two photographic series by Kansas City native Andy Gershon. In both, Gershon uses the camera to covertly document strangers enjoying culture or nature: the subjects do not know they are being photographed. The photographs show how we use technology to consume culture, and how it, in return, consumes us. weinbergerfineart.com