Welcome to Kansas City's eclectic enclave of boutique shops, one-of-a-kind restaurants, creative businesses, studios and art galleries. Let the sidewalks be your guide. And go where things take you.

First Fridays

Join us on the first Friday of every month to experience all the sights, sounds and tastes the Crossroads has to offer — with an event that could only happen here.

First Friday Events, January 2, 2015

2010 Gallery (2010 Main):  Open First Friday 5:30pm – 9:00pm. 2010 Gallery continues the fine tradition of exhibiting art on local, national and international levels.. 2010gallerykc.com. 2010gallerykc.com

Apex Art Space (1819 Wyandotte): Open First Friday 6pm – 9pm.  Rissa’s Artistic Design will showcase one-of-a-kind, custom designed jackets, house shoes, bags, to flags, hats and scarfs. All items crocheted by Rissa and can to be designed by you, the customer. This event will feature the DJ skills of Stitch Mitch and other surprise guest musician will be in attendance. dentistryart.com

Archival Design (2014 Main): Open First Friday 6pm – 10pm. Jake and Julie Bond have created a business based on bringing unique ceramic designs into the lives of their customers.  From a salad bowl to hand carved tiles for an entire kitchen, their work is created using a wide range of original colors and patterns. archivaldesignskc.com

Belger Art Center (2100 Walnut): Open First Friday, 6pm - 9pm. Expanding the Perimeter  features a dozen large scale 2D and 3D artworks from the Belger Collection. Among the artists in the exhibit are John De Andrea, Chris Cross, Stephen Fleming, Sara Mast, James Morphesis, David Parrish, Robert Stackhouse, William T. Wiley, and Terry Wintersbelgerartscenter.org

Blue Gallery (118 SW Blvd): Open First Friday, 6pm – 9pm. Join us for a very special yearly event – Wonder Wall. All works $500 and under. Featured artists include Amy Abshier-Reyes, Cynthia Bjorn, Jamie Chase, Lori Raye Erickson, Bernal Koehrsen, Lisa Lala, Sarah Williams and more. Exhibit runs through January 31. bluegalleryonline.com

Buttonwood Art Space (3013 Main): Open First Friday 5pm – 9pm Art & Legacy of Ernst Ulmer. For over 65 years, artist Ernst Ulmer painted the people, places and history of the Midwest with historical accuracy and loose realism.  His series of Native Americans, Civil War scenes and pioneer experiences bring beauty to our common history.  In conjunction with donations of key pieces to museums and charity institutions, this show will mark the last opportunity to purchase one of these paintings. A portion of all sales to be donated to local charities and institutions. buttonwoodartspace.com

Jones Gallery - Crossroads KC (1717 Walnut): Open First Friday 6pm - 9pm. Join us for an eclectic evening of new art by local and national artists. Always the spot to see something creative and innovative! Check out our space on Facebook.

Kemper at the Crossroads (33 W. 19th St):  Open First Friday 5pm – 9pm. Make Your Mark features ten works from the Kemper Museum Permanent Collection that emphasize the individual tropes and gestures employed by a selection of artists in making their signature mark. This exhibition celebrates the distinctive marks that define the identifiable styles of these individual artists. kemperart.org

Leedy-Voulkos Art Center (2014 Baltimore): Open First Friday 6pm – 9pm. Gallery highlights include David Goodrich Remembered: Paintings from 1995-2011, a final solo exhibition to commemorate, and appreciate Goodrich's bold, natural artistic talent that lives on through his artwork; Travis Pratt: The Joplin Paintings: Part 2, a group of works referencing photos – now becoming memory - taken while in Joplin Missouri after the 2011 tornado; Justin Baldwin: Quotes from Underground, an attempt at "experiential alchemy" includes images, objects, and words used to explore values, belief systems, socioeconomics, multiculturalism, and the mythology of modern life; . Also featured KC: America’s Creative Crossroads: A National Lifestyle Campaign by the KCADC featuring Portrait Photography by Cameron Gee,.

MLB Designs & Boutique (2020 Baltimore Ave, Suite #105): Open First Friday 10am – 9pm.  Featuring artists Lyndsey Helling and John Marak. Eco-artist Helling first started working with trash and recycled materials in 2010. She loves the process of taking random, discarded materials and reinventing them into art pieces or wearable sculptures and giving them a new purpose. Marak’s Comprehending Time is a new series inspired by urban and natural environments that explores the organic occurrences of unintended markings, surface texture, color and patinas. mlbdesigns.com

Red Star Studios (2100 Walnut). Open First Friday 6pm – 9pm. Featuring Sean Erwin: Object Self. Join us for this solo exhibition of recent work by ceramic sculptor Erwin. His is a surrealistic look at the complexity of the human condition. Inspired by the effects of personal possessions on human behavior, Erwin composes sculptural narratives around concepts such as identity, sexuality, spirituality, beauty and mortality. redstarstudios.org.

Studio Above (2016 Baltimore, 2nd Floor). Open First Friday 6pm - 9pm. Enjoy an evening of art that explores color, line, texture and emotion. Jackie Warren's work is painted on acrylic, giving it a euphoric flowing affect. Ada Koch and Nancy Clay examine nature’s beauty in stylized application with both landscape and close-up imagery. William Rose uses the power of canvas size and fading images of female faces to evoke haunting work demanding the view to take a closer look..jackie4art.com

Todd Weiner Gallery (115 W. 18th St):  Open First Friday 6pm – 10pm. Martin Cail: Storms & Forms. Cail's ink on white board works showcase a chaotic background or halo around the center of the abstract composition. Each work's center takes form with thin layers of color and a variety of textures. Fluidity is seen through the abstract shapes created through use of different solvents used to loosen up parts of the ink. Cail allows the piece to go it's own direction, describing that process as revealing itself to him as he chases it.  toddweinergallery.com

Vulpes Bastille (1737 Locust): Open First Friday 6pm – 10pm. Join us for a special studio group show, No. 2 This will be the second group show featuring pieces from all of the artists currently working at Vulpes Bastille Studios. A wide variety of work will be displayed, as well as smaller handmade works for sale in the new VB Print Shop. vulpesbastille.com

Weinberger Fine Art (1800 Baltimore):  Open First Friday 5pm-9pm. Self-Aware – a group exhibition featuring new work from Jodi Lightner, Amber Stene, and Janet Davidson-Hues. Lightner + Stene, recently finding themselves in new environments and surrounded by new attitudes, developed a body of work that reveals different responses to the idea that the reinvention of one’s self is necessary to gain acceptance in society.Davidson-Hues has dedicated herself to examining different facets of language. The combination of word and image through improvisational paint application results in a visual energy that both conceals and reveals meaning in her work. weinbergerfineart.com

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