Welcome to Kansas City's eclectic enclave of boutique shops, one-of-a-kind restaurants, creative businesses, studios and art galleries. Let the sidewalks be your guide. And go where things take you.

First Fridays

Join us on the first Friday of every month to experience all the sights, sounds and tastes the Crossroads has to offer — with an event that could only happen here.

First Friday Events July 4, 2014

2010 Gallery (2010 Main):  Open First Friday, 5pm – 8pm. 2010 Gallery continues the fine tradition of exhibiting art on local, national and international levels. 2010gallerykc.com

Apex Art Space (1819 Wyandotte): Open First Friday, 6pm – 9pm. Come and enjoy some of the best in local and national art. Talented artists, great space, wonderful crowds! dentistryart.com

Archival Design (2014 Main): Open First Friday, 6pm – 10pm. Jake and Julie Bond have created a business based on bringing unique ceramic designs into the lives of their customers.  From a salad bowl to hand carved tiles for an entire kitchen, their work is created using a wide range of original colors and patterns. archivaldesignskc.com

Blue Gallery (118 SW Blvd): Opening Reception, First Friday, 6pm – 9pm. Stephen Dinsmore: New Works. Dinsmore, a Nebraska-born artist, presents paintings that testify to the vitality of representational art as a means of communicating visual poetry. His paintings may border on the abstract being a synthesis from several sources; in other instances they may convey a more specific sense of place and time. bluegalleryonline.com

Gallery at Wallace Engineering (1741 McGee): Open First Friday. Featuring artist Natosha Keefer. Keefer states of her work, "I find inspiration, peace and passion through my creative process. Textures and colors blend magically together to form unique paintings. My work captures a moment in time. I hope to engage the observer in a visual dialogue about significant moments through my expressive interpretations of these events."

Kathy Barnard Studio/Locust Street Gallery (1605 Locust): Open First Friday, 5pm - 9pm. Kathy Barnard, Master Glass Artist; Genevieve Flynn, Master Metalsmith & Jeweler; and Kitty Sondern Snyder, Custom Dress Designer & Milliner. kathybarnardstudio.com

Kultured Chameleon Street Art Gallery (1739 Oak). Open First Friday 6pm – 11pm. Tattoo Flash Art Show featuring Stormy Jackson & Brian Holton with a Live Art demonstration by Holton. Free Event | Complimentary Drinks | Live Band. KulturedChameleon.com

Leedy-Voulkos Art Center (2014 Baltimore): Open First Friday 6pm – 9pm. Gallery highlights include: Marcy Lally & Apryl McAnerney: Skin and Bones, a mutual conversation about the spirit and soul, what happens in life, and the mysteries of death. And Dialoghi dell’Arte, 2014-15 International Tour, USA | CHINA | ITALY, an exhibit featuring 32 paintings from 16 American artists, writers and educators who form the painting collective. Also featured, new work by Skyler Bieberly: Dominator , Kristopher Clark: Sum Good, Sum Bad & Sum Ugly and Syncretized Patterns by artist Travis Porter.leedy-voulkos.com

Plenum Space Gallery (504 W. 18th keyboard shortcut used to zoom in on a computer screen. The action of 'zooming in' is an important part of the show, as viewers use provided magnifying glasses to get a closer look at miniature oil St): Open First Friday 6pm – 10pm. Yuri Zupancic " ⌘+"⌘+ is a paintings on microchips. As well as painting on their guts, Zupancic uses computers and digital cameras to create glitched-out video paintings. These looped permutations of the natural world have no narrative and exude a meditative ambiance in spite of glitchy patterns which usually signal only malfunction. plenumspace.weebly.com

Todd Weiner Gallery (115 W. 18th St):  Open First Friday 5pm – 10pm. Michael + Ian Young: Inner and Outer Limits. This father and son provide inventive worlds that pique the viewer’s curiosity. Exceptional colorists, they use humorous elements to illustrate cultural connections.  The outpouring of their vivid imaginations provides the viewer with a playful, mind-bending experience. toddweinergallery.com

Vulpes Bastille (1737 Locust): Open First Friday 6pm – 9pm. Jillian Youngbird’s: Six Inches of Progress. Youngbird, a Native American artist born in Arizona but raised in rural Southern Missouri, blends her heritage with modern day realities of American culture in drawings, paintings and sculptures. Youngbird states "The work in this show weaves together my love and worry for nature through Native American iconography and my obsessive need for line-making." vulpesbastille.com