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First Fridays

Join us on the first Friday of every month to experience all the sights, sounds and tastes the Crossroads has to offer — with an event that could only happen here.

First Friday Events, March 6, 2015

19 Below Gallery [5 W. 19th Street]:  Open First Friday 5:00pm – 9:00pm. Features David Beal: Contextual Portraits - Capturing and Creating Relationships Stories. Beal's contemporary and classic oil portraits not only convey a likeness of the subject, but his work captures the spirit and character of the individual. "I am a representational realist, attempting to do two things: capture emotive storytelling moments between people...the subjects within a painting as they relate to each other; but also be a catalyst for new emotional connections that occur when a viewer engages with the subject(s) of one of my paintings.” Beal’s unique ability to capture the personality of the sitter through local color, lighting and environment sets his work a world apart. 19below.tv

2010 Gallery (2010 Main):  Open First Friday 5:30pm – 9:00pm. 2010 Gallery continues the established tradition of exhibiting the finest works of art by some of today’s leading artists at the local, national and international levels. 2010gallerykc.com

Apex Art Space (1819 Wyandotte): Open First Friday 6pm – 9pm.  Emerging artist Katheryn Krouse has much to offer art aficionados and enthusiasts. Through her vast talents and wide use of mediums, Krouse creates a variety of artistic statements encompassing simple pleasures, the basic human essence and complex emotions. Krouse’s range of interpretation and expression is natural and honest.


Archival Design (2014 Main): Open First Friday 6pm – 10pm. Jake and Julie Bond have created a business based on bringing unique ceramic designs into the lives of their customers.  From a salad bowl to hand carved tiles for an entire kitchen, their work is created using a wide range of original colors and patterns. archivaldesignskc.com

Belger Art Center (2100 Walnut): Open First Friday, 6pm - 9pm. Possible Impossible: Terry Allen Study Drawings for Public Works. Modern Communication, one of the most talked about sculptures to evolve from Kansas City's One Percent for Art program, has returned to its site in front of the city's Police and Fire Department Communication Center Building. The homecoming coincides with this exhibit which also features drawings from more than two dozen public artworks by Allen. Also featured: Expanding the Perimeter, featuring a dozen large scale 2D and 3D artworks from the Belger Collection. belgerartscenter.org

Blue Gallery (118 SW Blvd): Open First Friday, 6pm – 9pm. Mark Allen: Ethereal Waters. "Water has always held a sacred place in Eastern and Western religions. Ethereal Waters is a photography series that focuses on the mysterious and aesthetic qualities of water and how the human subject portrays the innermost consciousness when separated from the surroundings that might otherwise define them. This blissful weightlessness creates a scene unlike anything in the natural world." bluegalleryonline.com

Buttonwood Art Space (3013 Main): Open First Friday 5pm – 9pm Art & Legacy of Ernst Ulmer. For over 65 years, artist Ernst Ulmer painted the people, places and history of the Midwest with historical accuracy and loose realism.  His series of Native Americans, Civil War scenes and pioneer experiences bring beauty to our common history.  In conjunction with donations of key pieces to museums and charity institutions, this show will mark the last opportunity to purchase one of these paintings. A portion of all sales to be donated to local charities and institutions. buttonwoodartspace.com

Jones Gallery - (1717 Walnut): Open First Friday 6pm - 9pm. Join us for an eclectic evening of new art by local and national artists. Always the spot to see something creative and innovative! This month features: After the Flood a, series of four canvases. Check out our space on Facebook.

Kathy Barnard Studio/Locust Street Gallery (1605 Locust): Open First Friday 5:30pm – 9:30pm. Join Gerald Trimble for a beautiful presentation on original 17th century instruments. Trimble will talk about what makes each instrument unique and will discuss the restoration that was necessary to make them playable again. Kathy Barnard will be discussing the other artistic developments that were occurring at the same era, particularly in the area of art glass.  This event is free to the public. kathybarnardstudio.com

Kemper at the Crossroads (33 W. 19th St):  Open First Friday 5pm – 9pm. Make Your Mark features ten works from the Kemper Museum Permanent Collection that emphasize the individual tropes and gestures employed by a selection of artists in making their signature mark. This exhibition celebrates the distinctive marks that define the identifiable styles of these individual artists. kemperart.org

Leedy-Voulkos Art Center (2014 Baltimore): Open First Friday 6pm – 9pm. Illuminations: The Art of Samuel Bak features select works on loan from Facing History and Ourselves by Pucker Gallery in Boston. Bak's masterful skills as a draftsman-as well as his incredible imagination-open up profound questions for students. Much of Bak's art is influenced by his experiences of surviving the Holocaust as a child in Vilna, Poland. Bak explains: "I certainly do not make illustrations of things that happened. I do it in a symbolic way, in a way which only gives a sense of a world that was shattered." Also featured: Christel Highland: Presumed Distance; Jean VanHarlingen: Passion for Paper curated by Don Lambert; and KCAI: Undergrads Underground highlights the work of Ben Davis, Daiana Oneto and Peyton Pitts:The Stillness of a Former Hour . leedy-voulkos.com.

Mid-America Arts Alliance (2018 Baltimore): Open First Friday 6pm – 8pm.  Join us for a preview of the NEH on the Road exhibition The Power of Children: Making a Difference. The exhibit shares the extraordinary stories of Anne Frank, Ruby Bridges, and Ryan White—three children whose lives teach us about overcoming obstacles to make a positive difference in the world. This exhibit encourages children and families to explore issues of isolation, fear, and prejudice throughout 20th-century history and today. maaa.org

MLB Designs & Boutique (2020 Baltimore Ave, Suite #105): Open First Friday 6pm – 9pm. MLB is proud to represent our newest artistic addition, Yeqiang Wang. His talent knows no bounds. Wang is a Chinese-born Canadian citizen now living in the Midwest, an Associate Professor of Art at Washburn University.  Especially gifted in photo realistic painting, we chose Wang's watercolor studies to best display his special adeptness with a brush and ability to capture light in its natural form in his first exhibition with us. mlbdesigns.com

Plenum Space Gallery (504 E. 18th St): Open First Friday 6pm – 9pm.  Rebecca Clews: Worlds in Flux. Clews creates her own fantastical worlds by using a microscope to capture images and then collaging them together. The resulting images are stunning landscapes that echo the farthest reaches of our planet and beyond to the stars and galaxies of the infinite universe. Clews uses photography to guide her search for a sense of place by constructing other-worldly environments that play with space and scale. Having grown up in a rural environment, Clews feels deep admiration for the vastness and beauty of the landscape.  Her work creates not only a sense of wonder, but sometimes either playfulness or foreboding in an environment of magic realism. plenumspace.weebly.com

Sherry Leedy Contemporary Art (2004 Baltimore). Opening Reception First Friday 7pm – 9pm. Vera Mercer: Still Life Photographs and Anne Austin Pearce: This is How I Feel When I Think About You. As elegant and dramatic as a 17th Century Flemish painting, yet contemporary in every sense, the opulent and baroque inspired photographs by Mercer are grounded in an omnivore’s sense of food and nourishment in its most direct form. A thoughtful, deliberate observer and exuberant participant, Pearce has absolute trust in the process of drawing and painting to translate and transform her interactions into pure visual language. Also on exhibit, new works by Hung Liu. sherryleedy.com

Studio Above (2016 Baltimore, 2nd Floor). Open First Friday 6pm - 9pm. Enjoy an evening of art that explores color, line, texture and emotion. Jackie Warren's current work is colorful, fluid paintings on acrylic, giving it a luminous effect; Ada Koch's work is an exploration of color, line and various subject matters; Nancy Clay produces expressionistic and colorful landscapes and flowers; and, William Rose is known for his large scale paintings of people with a slant of the mysterious. jackie4art.com

Todd Weiner Gallery (115 W. 18th St):  Open First Friday 6pm – 10pm. Hugh Merrill's Winters Journey, evolves to encompass thematic content involving change and flux, while providing a perspective for any audience. Based on music by Francis Shubert, which Merrill proclaims to be the saddest music he has ever listened to in his life, Merrill’s work illustrate the difficult times every person goes through during their lives. Times when parents or pets die as winter journeys. However, Merrill explains one is never totally alone during that time, "a winters journey always emanates that there will be a spirit, and a warmth." toddweinergallery.com

Vulpes Bastille (1737 Locust): Open First Friday 6pm – 9pm. The Donut Box, featuring KCAI's Illustration Seniors. This gallery event features selected works of new and emerging illustrators in Kansas City. The varied aesthetic, appeal and application of each illustrator's work satisfies a wide range of cultural institutions while showcasing the personal visions of each image maker. An accessible morning tradition. A casual sunrise delight. Above all, a collection whose strength rests in its differences. vulpesbastille.com

VML Wise Gallery (2020 Baltimore): Shave to Save Art Auction. Preview Party 5:30pm–6:30pm, Silent Auction 6:30pm-7pm. More than 30 local artists are participating to raise awareness and funding for Hope Lodge, a residential facility in Quality Hill operated by the American Cancer Society that provides free housing to cancer patients traveling to Kansas City for treatment, as well as a family member or caretaker, during a critical time. Artists Spenser Albertsen, Sara Engman-Slaughter, Orion Kincaid, Kevin Lee, Will Mackey, Anne Mulvihill, scribe, Kevin Vanemburgh, Lyndon Wade, Guinotte Wise and more present a wide range art of including painting, photography, illustration, ceramics and mixed media. Preview party and silent auction are free and open to the public.

Weinberger Fine Art (1800 Baltimore):  Open First Friday 5pm-9pm. New works on view from artists Mark English and Jennifer Rivera. In English’s latest work, transparency and translucency reign. Each piece is a strata, layered with paint, paper and pen, meant to be visually excavated by its viewer.  Known for edgy and evocative abstract paintings, Rivera often employs the use of bold colors and gestural movements. Her large scale works have been described as captivating interpretations of life’s moments, rich in dimension and detail. weinbergerfineart.com

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